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Bali Botanicals - Our Story

Hello, world! Bali Botanicals is a self-care lifestyle brands that springs from the Paradise Island of Bali. Our love to Nature and the Irreplacable Beauty of Bali inspires the birth of Bali Botanicals.

Mega, the co-founder and creator of Bali Botanicals, started to venture in this brand as a skin-care enthusiasts. Being born with a sensitive skin, she has limited choices of skin-care related products to use in her daily activity. Before discovering Natural Soap Bars, she used to have a constant skin-dry-ness problem. She wonders whether it was her choice of Soap that causes the constant problem. She then tried using a Natural Soap Bars available in the market-place, and found out that the intensity of skin-dryness significantly reduced. But, there is another problem that arises, Natural Soap Bars are costly and some-times still contains harmful chemicals for her sensitive skin.
Being a Pharmacist herself, she remembered she used to make her own Soap during her university research project. She then pursues a one-and-a-half-year long research about creating her own All Natural Soap Bars, and after multiple tests and research, she founded the formulae of BALI BARS as her constant solution to the skin-dryness problem.
BALI BARS, then were only a project for few friends and family, are loved by more and more people. Convinced by her partner and husband, she choose to venture to make BALI BARS available more for those who have the same problems, an all natural soap bars that are safe, sustainably-produced and cost-effective.

BALI BOTANICALS are dedicated in pursuing a sustainable and responsible production. Being a self-conscious individual herself, she ensures that every productions are using a sustainably-produced sources, that’s why Bali Botanicals is a part of RSPO ( Round-table of Sustainably Produced Palm Oils ).
BALI BOTANICALS also stands for equality, that means strictly no child labor, women equality at work, fair-trades and fair-wages. Our strict policy are guarded also with a safe environment of manufacturing that follows a high standard of safety and hygiene.

With every purchase of BALI BOTANICALS products, you contribute to the reforestation of damaged and abandoned lands that used to be green forests in Indonesia. This is also our pledge and purpose of being.

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